30a BCS Control Panel, 2 elements

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Hit the ground running with one of our complete control panels. Save your time and energy, and let Electric Brewing Supply help you get a jump on your electric brewery.


Include your wireless network information with your order, and we'll configure the brewery to connect for you.


Due to the custom nature of these, delivery will vary
Always subject to prior orders.
Average lead is approx 10 weeks, during busier seasons this can stretch to 12.

Now available in 220v variants for Europe and Australia

Hit the ground running with one of our complete control panels. Save your time and energy, and let Electric Brewing Supply help you get a jump on your electric brewery.

Electric Brewing Supply does the work so you don't have to. Featuring a fully configured 30a Control panel, ready to be mounted on the wall and plugged in.

Design features independent control of pumps, either by BCS controller or manually. Elements are controlled only by BCS, with a selector switch controlling which element is controlled, for added safety.

Have a problem? Wort pumping all over the floor? Forgot a hose? The red mushroom stop button halts all functions, without cutting your brew day short.


  • 30a, 240v electric, single phase (for safety, please use GFCI protection)
  • 30a Twist lock power in supply to plain wire end or 4 prong washer/dryer plug, 6 ft wire
  • Embedded Control Concepts BCS-462 installed (some basic configuration available)
  • 2 L6-30 Flanged outlets for 240v Elements upto 5500w
  • 2 L5-15 Flanged outlets for 120v for pumps such as Chugger or March, plugs included with panel
  • 4 temperature probe outlets, Cat5 style, for easy connection
  • 4 4" long temperature probes with Stainless steel 1/4" to 1/2" NPT compression fitting
  • 1 Cat5e Network adapter connection to communicate with network (wireless client available)
  • Key style power switch for secure storage
  • Locking mushroom button stops all power to elements and pumps


What will you need aside from the panel to get going:

  • 4500w or 5500w element in protective enclosure to attach to kettle Available here
  • 30a GFCI protected, single phase 240v electric service to brew area with 14-30 outlet. Electrician installed highly recommended.
  • 1-2 Pumps with plugs changed to twist locking L5-15 plug. Plugs are provided in package.
  • Kettles to your liking

More on BCS

Web-based User Interface

The BCS series' user interface is all web based. Monitor and control temperatures and processes on your browser from any computer (or smartphone) anywhere. Check out some Screenshots.

Temperature Sensor Inputs

The BCS-460 allows up to four independent temperature sensors to be monitored simultaneously. Inputs can be any NTC thermistor based sensor with a 10Kohm ambient reading. Use our sensors, or purchase/build your own. Just set the temperature coefficients that are provided by the sensor manufacturer into the BCS-460, or calculate them based on experimental data.

Inputs / Outputs

Along with the four temperature sensor inputs, the BCS-460 provides four 5V discrete inputs, and four web-based user inputs. All inputs can trigger controller responses. Six low-current 5V discrete outputs are provided for relay control. Each output can be set to be controlled directly, differentially by a temperature input, or under complete PID control.

Affordable expansion cards are available to increase the number of digital inputs and outputs. The Digi16 expansion card adds 12 outputs and 4 inputs. The interface supports upto 4 Digi16 expansion cards, for a total of 54 outputs and 20 inputs!

Advanced Data Logging

Data is logged internally in the device, and displayed on your browser, or saved as a text file. The BCS-460 supports internal logging of four signals up to 4k samples each. The user can set the frequency of the samples anywhere from 1 second to 6 hours, resulting in trace lengths anywhere from 1.1 hours to 2.8 years long.

Programmable Processes

A revolutionary State Machine interface allows the user to program with simple and intuitive rules, giving the controller the ability to exhibit extremely complex behavior. The BCS-460 allows up to eight independent processes, each with eight states.  Check out the documentation for programming examples.

Open Interface API

The control system from ECC utilizes a simple HTTP GET/POST mechanism to control and monitor the unit. The protocol is completely open and documented, allowing users the ability to develop third-party interfaces. Does your application require a unique GUI, or if would like to have your own data logging/graphing application? Want to link multiple BCS systems together and have them all controlled from a unified interface? The possibilities are endless. Check out our Forum to see what the community is offering.


See our Frequently Asked Questions, post in the forum, or contact us directly.






This product is intended for experimental home use only. No warranty or guarantee of suitability (express or implied) is given for commercial use of this product.


Product warranties may be revoked if it is determined that product faults are due to misuse, abuse, or improper connection. Buyer agrees that Electric Brewing Supply, LLC shall not be liable for either specific performance or any liability, loss, tampering, abuse, damage, including consequential and incidental damages, arising out of buyer's purchase of the equipment, or any defects in the equipment.

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